Elmer's Liquid School Glue Clear Washable 1 Gallon Great For Making Slime DIY clear slime recipe


Elmer's Clear Washable School Glue
Great for Homemade Slime & Craft Projects

Fun for the whole classroom and birthday parties, kids can create buckets of slime and assemble arts, crafts and projects with Elmer's School Glue. This washable glue provides a fun way to bond together materials like paper, wood, fabric and ceramics. The safe and washable formula is easy for children to use and is easy to clean up. Featuring a clear formula, it’s ideal for making homemade slime - just add a few common household ingredients and color. Learn how to make slime with glue below.

Recipe: Elmer's Classroom-Sized Slime


-1 gallon of Elmer's Clear School Glue.

- 1 cup baking soda.

-2 cups (16 fl. oz.) contact lens solution.

- Your choice of food coloring, glitter or both.

Mix Glue & Baking Soda

Mix together entire contents of 1 gallon bottle of Elmer's Clear School Glue and 1 cup baking soda in a bowl.

Add Color & Contact Fluid

Add your choice of food coloring, glitter or both and mix. Add 2 cups (16 fl. oz.) contact lens solution and mix until slime begins to form.

Remove & Knead

Take slime out of bowl and begin kneading with both hands. Add 1/4 tbsp contact lens solution to make slime less sticky.

Adult supervision is required. This project is not appropriate for children under the age of 3 years. Thoroughly wash hands before and after making and playing with slime.

Warning: If large quantities of contact lens solution are accidentally ingested (greater than a tablespoon), get medical attention immediately.

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